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  • The single-series 28-year bond has a 25-year grace period. The placement was at an interest rate of 2.98% and achieved a total demand of 1.4 times the offer.
  • Banchile Citi and Scotiabank, in charge of the placement, highlighted the market’s great interest and confidence in the Company.


Santiago, January 18, 2023.- Today Quiñenco successfully issued a single series of bonds on the local market for a total of UF 5,000,000, equivalent to approximately US$215 million. The funds raised will be used as follows: at least 35% to pay or prepay liabilities, at least 35% to finance Quiñenco’s investment plan, and the remaining balance for other corporate purposes.

The issuance considered a single series (Z series), with a maturity of 28 years and a 25-year grace period. The series was placed at a rate of 2.98%, corresponding to a spread of 116 basis points with respect to the benchmark, and reached a total demand of 1.4 times the amount offered.

The transaction was carried out by Banchile Citi and Scotiabank, who commented that Quiñenco continues to be a recognized issuer in the market because of its strength and diversification.

Juan Cristóbal Peralta, Banchile Citi’s Capital Markets Manager, specified that “the market continues to demonstrate its great confidence in Quiñenco, reflected in significant interest for this placement from leading investors, leading to a very attractive spread and a term not seen since 2020.”

Deneb Schiele, Head of DCM at Scotiabank Chile, commented that “Quiñenco’s placement confirms the market’s interest in the Company. It stands out for achieving one of the longest maturities observed in recent years, together with a very competitive spread.”