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  • The new “Quiñenco Scholarship”, which is part of the Luksic Scholars initiatives, covers full tuition and living costs during three years of undergraduate studies and two years of graduate studies at Sciences Po.
  • According to the QS 2019 ranking, Sciences Po ranks first in continental Europe and third in the world in political science and international relations. Notable alumni include the current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the country’s former head of state, François Mitterrand.


Santiago, December 9, 2019. Quiñenco, the Luksic Group’s industrial and financial holding, launched a scholarship for students in their final year of high school that want to pursue multidisciplinary studies in social sciences at Sciences Po. At a graduate level, the university has renowned schools of specialization in law, urban studies, journalism, finance and management, public affairs, international relations and a Doctoral School.

The “Quiñenco Scholarship”, with a budget of 18,000 euros per year, covers full tuition and living costs in France for the scholarship recipient during the entire academic period, which lasts five years: three undergraduate years (Collège Universitaire) at the Euro-Latin American campus located in the city of Poitiers, and two graduate years (Master) at one of the seven schools of specialization in Paris.

The CEO of Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, explained, “Just like in the corporate environment, where we have built a very strong relationship with France through Nexans, we want this scholarship to help strengthen academic ties between the two countries and provide a tangible opportunity to strengthen Chilean talent. Sciences Po is a highly prestigious institution globally and we are proud to partner with them to strengthen bonds between Chile and France.”

This new initiative is part of the Luksic Scholars ( platform, which combines philanthropic contributions from the Luksic family and some Group companies for academic pursuits. Designed to develop the talent of Chilean students and connect them with avant-garde global knowledge, more than 1,400 individuals have been part of Luksic Scholars in Chile as well as the United States, England, France, China, Croatia and several other nations.

The Quiñenco Scholarship at Sciences Po is open to high school students in their last year that are interested in the French language and culture and social sciences. The application process will be managed by Sciences Po, and decisions will be based on the students’ academic excellence and socioeconomic situation.

Those interested in applying must be Chilean residents and citizens (without European nationality) and complete all stages of the regular process for international admission at Sciences Po. In other words, they must first apply to the university and then to the “Quiñenco Scholarship.” For more information, interested parties may visit and

The Number One French University in Social Sciences

Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is an international research university, both selective and open to the world, ranked among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences. According to the QS 2019 ranking, it ranks third in the world and first in continental Europe in political science and international relations. Forty-nine percent (49%) of its students are international and represent more than 150 nationalities.

Its alumni include French heads of state and presidents, such as Emmanuel Macron and François Mitterrand, and foreign chiefs of state like Salomé Zourabichvili (President of Georgia), as well as global figures like Boutros Boutros-Ghali (former secretary general of the UN), Audrey Azoulay (director general of UNESCO), Simone Veil (first woman to head the European Parliament), French writer Marcel Proust and designer Christian Dior.

For the third and final year of the undergraduate program and for the entire graduate program, the university has agreements with over 470 universities around the world, including Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de São Paulo, UNAM, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Princeton, London School of Economics and Oxford.

The Euro-Latin American program on the campus in Poitiers–a Gallo-Roman city located 90 minutes from Paris with exceptional historical heritage–welcomes students interested in deepening their understanding of Latin America, engaging in exchanges with the region and initiating dialogue between the continent and the world.

Students explore Latin American history and the contemporary problems that affect developing countries such as poverty, inequality and environmental degradation, the state of democracy, the challenges of globalization, urban development, regional and continental integration, and many other topics.


Quiñenco is one of the largest, most diversified corporate conglomerates in Chile, with approximately US$62.9 billion in consolidated assets. It owns interests in leading companies in the financial, beverage, manufacturing, energy, transportation and port services industries, which together employ over 69 thousand people in Chile and abroad.