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Logo Grupo Quiñenco S.A.

60 years developing enterprises in Chile and in the world.

1960 – 1969
1970 – 1979 Purchase of Hoteles Carrera S.A.
1980 – 1989
1990 – 1999
2000 – 2009


Forestal Quiñenco S.A. created to exploit eucalyptus forests to produce wood props for underground tunnels.

1960 – 1969

• Purchase of Forestal Colcura S.A.
• Acquisition of Empresas Lucchetti S.A.

1970 – 1979

1980 – 1989

• Purchase of shares in Banco O’Higgins and Banco Santiago.
• Control of Manufacturas de Cobre S.A. (Madeco) is acquired.
• Control over Compañía de Cervecerías Unidas S.A. (CCU), in alliance with the German group Schörghuber, is acquired.
• Purchase of a majority stake in the telecommunications company VTR S.A.

1990 – 1999

• Creation of OHCH in alliance with Banco Central Hispanoamericano.
• Strategic alliance with SBC Communications Inc. to boost VTR.
• OHCH takes control of Banco Santiago.
• Quiñenco is established as the financial and industrial parent company of the Luksic Group.
• Quiñenco makes a Public Share Offering on the New York and Santiago stock exchanges, raising US$279 million.
• VTR divests Startel S.A., a mobile telephone company, and VTR Larga Distancia S.A.
• Creation of Habitaria S. A . with the Spanish construction firm Ferrovial Inmobiliaria.
• Sale of stake in the banking sector holding company
OHCH, after which 51.2% of Banco de A. Edwards and 8% of Banco de Chile were acquired.
• Sale of VTR Cable.
• Acquisition of a 14.3% stake in Entel S.A.

2000 – 2009

•Creation of LQ Inversiones Financieras S.A. (LQIF), as a subsidiary of Quiñenco.
• Acquisition of 52.7% of the voting rights in Banco de Chile, becoming its controller.
• Sale of 39.4% of the ownership stake held in Plava Laguna d.d., tourist resort on the coast of Croatia.
• Merger of Banco de Chile and Banco de A. Edwards.
• Partnership with Heineken, which acquires 50% of IRSA, the company that controls CCU.
• Sale of Hotel Carrera in Santiago.
• Sale of Lucchetti Chile S.A.
• Purchase of Calaf through a joint venture with CCU.
• Acquisition of 11.4% of Almacenes París, stake that was later sold.
• Delisting of Quiñenco shares from the NYSE and end of its ADR program.
• Alliance with Citigroup in the financial sector.
• Ch$65 billion capital increase at Quiñenco.
• Merger of Banco de Chile and Citibank Chile.
• Sale of Madeco’s cable unit to Nexans. As part of the operation, Madeco obtains an 8.9% stake in the French company.
• Sale of Quiñenco’s stake in Entel.


• Sale of 100% of Telefónica del Sur to GTD Manquehue.
• Citigroup increases its participation in LQIF, the company that controls Banco de Chile, to 50%, after exercising two purchase options for a total amount of US$1 billion.


• Purchase of Shell assets in Chile.
• Madeco signs an agreement with Nexans that allows it to increase its stake to 20%, acquiring significant influence in said company.
• Purchase of 20.6% stake in Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores S.A


• Quiñenco carries out a capital increase of Ch$250 billion.
• Stake in CSAV increased to 37.44% and access to the
same percentage of SM SAAM, a company created after the shipping firm’s division.
• Madeco and Nexans amend agreement, increasing the maximum percentage that Madeco can hold in the French company to 28%.


• Quiñenco increases its ownership stake in Madeco to 65.9%.
• Madeco splits to create Invexans, the company that administers the investment in Nexans, and another company called Madeco, for the flexible packaging and profile production units.
• Enex acquires all Terpel assets in Chile for US$240 million.
• Quiñenco increases its stake in CSAV to 46% and in SM SAAM to 42.4%.
• Quiñenco carries out capital increase of Ch$350 billion.


• LQIF holds a secondary offering of Banco de Chile shares, reducing its stake in Banco de Chile to 51%.
• Quiñenco increases its stake in CSAV to 54.5% upon subscribing a capital increase.
• Madeco changes its name to Tech Pack S.A. and shuts down the profile unit.
• Techpack acquires the Chilean flexible packaging company HYC Packaging and sells the Madeco brand to Nexans for US$1 million.
• SAAM starts joint operations with the Dutch group Boskalis in the tug boat area for Mexico, Brazil, Panama and Canada.
• CCU acquires a stake in Bebidas Bolivianas S.A. and also agrees to a joint venture with the local Postobón Group in Colombia.
• End of the agreement between Invexans and Nexans that was signed in 2011, based on fulfillment of the main objective of establishing Invexans as a reference shareholder.
• Merger of CSAV and Hapag-Lloyd’s container shipping businesses. As part of the transaction, CSAV becomes Hapag-Lloyd’s shareholder with an initial stake of 30%. This percentage increased to 34% after a capital increase in the German shipping company.
• Quiñenco launches a public tender offer to purchase 19.55% of Invexans shares.


• Conclusion of the tender offer to purchase shares, whereby Quiñenco acquires 17.88% of Invexans, reaching a participation of 98.3%.
• Quiñenco increased its stake in CSAV to 55.2% in February, upon completing the capital increase of the shipping company started in late 2014.
• Techpack purchases 24% of Alusa S.A.’s capital, thereby consolidating directly and indirectly 100% ownership in this subsidiary.
• CCU sells brands and assets associated with Natur and Calaf products to Empresas Carozzi and partners with Carozzi to jointly develop the powdered juice business. Towards year-end, it sold its 49% stake in Compañía Pisquera Bauzá to Agroproductos Bauzá.
• SM SAAM incorporates Terminal Internacional del Sur (TISUR) to its business portfolio. As part of this transaction, SM SAAM reduced its stake in Tramarsa to 35%.
• Hapag-Lloyd AG started trading on the German stock exchanges, raising US$300 million. CSAV subscribed US$30 million, reducing its stake in the German shipping company to 31.35%; however, it continues to be its main shareholder.


• CCU increases its stake in Manantial S.A. from 51% to 100%, and its stake in Nutrabién to 100%. CCU also purchased 51% of Sajonia Brewing Company SRL that produces and sells craft beer in Paraguay.
• Quiñenco purchases SM SAAM shares, reaching an ownership stake of 52.2%.
• Techpack sells its entire flexible packaging business to the Australian group Amcor, upon completing the sale of Alusa S.A. and Inversiones Alusa S.A.’s shares for a net amount of US$216 million for Techpack.
• Hapag-Lloyd and United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) sign a Business Combination Agreement. The joint entity will be one of the five largest container
shipping companies in the world, with a total shipping capacity of 1.5 million TEU and joint annual sales for approximately US$12 billion.
• SM SAAM signed an agreement with Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura to acquire 51% of two concessions at Puerto Caldera, the largest Pacific coast terminal in Costa Rica and the second largest in terms of domestic cargo moved. The transaction amounted to US$48.5 million and was completed in February 2017.
• Quiñenco carries out a public tender offer for Techpack shares, reaching a 98.98% ownership stake in said company. After exercising the withdrawal and purchase rights, Quiñenco achieves 100% of Techpack’s ownership at year-end.
• Techpack acquires 0.53% stake in Nexans.


• SM SAAM places bonds in the Chilean market for the first time, amounting to US$111 million.
• SM SAAM acquires a 51% ownership stake in two concessions at Puerto Caldera, the largest port on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the second largest in terms of domestic cargo moved; the transaction involved the payment of US$48.5 million.
• SAAM sells its stake in Tramarsa, Peru for US$124 million, which translated in after-tax profits of US$30.5 million.
• The merger between Hapag-Lloyd and UASC is completed, placing Hapag-Lloyd as the fifth largest container shipping company in the world.
• CCU becomes a shareholder of American Distilling Investments (ADI), manufacturer of pisco BarSol in Peru.
• SAAM increases its stake in Iquique Terminal Internacional (ITI) to 100%, after purchasing an additional 15%.
• CCU signs an agreement with AB Inbev to exchange brands in Argentina, which contemplates the anticipated termination of the Budweiser license in exchange for a portfolio of brands with similar volumes and various payments to CCU Argentina of up to US$400 million over a three-year period.
• Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV carry out capital increases of US$414 million and US$294 million in Germany and Chile, respectively. CSAV is still the main shareholder, with 25.5% of Hapag-Lloyd’s capital at year-end. Quiñenco participates in CSAV’s process, increasing its participation in the shipping company to 56.2%.
• CCU increases its ownership stake in VSPT and launches a Public Share Purchase Offer, reaching a participation of 83% in early 2018.
• CSAV divests 100% of its subsidiary Norgistics Chile. Through this transaction, CSAV ends its participation in the logistic and freight forwarder business in Chile. The closure of Norgistics’ offices in Peru, Mexico and China is initiated.


• CCU increases its ownership stake in Viña San Pedro Tarapacá (VSPT) to 83.01%, upon completing the public tender process started in 2017.
• Invexans establishes a subsidiary in the United Kingdom for the analysis, execution and follow-up of international investments. All of the Nexans’ shares held by Invexans, equivalent to an ownership stake of 28%, are transferred to this new UK company.
• Completion of the brand exchange between CCU and AB InBev, including the early termination of the Budweiser license in Argentina. CCU’s subsidiary in Argentina receives a brand portfolio and an upfront cash payment of US$316 million, to which a US$28 million yearly payment for up to a 3-year business transition term will be added.
• CCU increases its participation in Bebidas Bolivianas BBO from 34% to 51%.
• Ideal, pertaining to the Bimbo group, purchases Alimentos Nutrabien from Foods.
• Enex enters the United States market through the purchase of Road Ranger for US$289 million; Road Ranger is the fourth largest highway travel center network in that country.
• The profits earned by Banco de Chile in 2018 will allow SM Chile to pay off the outstanding balance of the subordinated debt on April 30, 2019, 17 years in advance of the original maturity date.


• SM SAAM sells its minority stake in Terminal Puerto Arica for US$12 million.
• On April 30, 2019, SM Chile fully pays the remaining balance of the Subordinated Debt held by its subsidiary SAOS with the Central Bank of Chile. The profits earned by Banco de Chile enabled SM Chile to pay off this obligation 17 years in advance of the original maturity date. Consequently, the free float of Banco de Chile’s shares increased to 44%.
• Through its subsidiary VSPT, CCU acquires wine business assets from Pernod Ricard Argentina, strengthening its position in the Argentine domestic market.
• SM SAAM acquires Boskalis’ stake in tug boat joint ventures in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Panama for US$194 million, becoming the owner of 100% of the operations and consolidating its regional position.
• Quiñenco acquires a 5.3% stake in CSAV on the stock exchange, reaching a total of 61.5%.
• CSAV increases its participation in the shipping company Hapag-Lloyd to 27.79% at year-end.
• Quiñenco sells its stake in the insurance business through Inversiones Vita, Banchile Vida and SegChile to the multinational insurance company Chubb. The transaction amounted to approximately Ch$35,900 million.