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Relevant Information

  • As of 31 December 31, 2021

  • Quiñenco's interest: 99.8%
  • Book value of investment: Ch$1,095,947 million
  • Investment since: 1980
  • Employees: 5
  • Address

  • Enrique Foster Sur 20, 12th Floor, suite 1202, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile
  • Telephone: (56) 22750 7393

Invexans’ purpose is to create value by exploring and promoting new business opportunities worldwide. Through its subsidiary Invexans Ltd. established in the United Kingdom, Invexans explores, analyzes, and develops new businesses.

Through Invexans Ltd., Invexans is the main shareholder of the multinational French company Nexans, one of the largest cable producers worldwide. As of December 2021, it owns a 28.4% stake, thus being a long term and reference shareholder. Quiñenco's subsidiary Techpack has a 0.5% stake in Nexans. Thus, in all, Quiñenco's stake at year end 2021 in Nexans was 28.9%.

During 2020 Invexans added Enex to its portfolio. Enex is a fuel distributor and convenience store operator in Chile, where it is a Shell licensee, in the United States, and Paraguay. At the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on March 23, 2020, the merger of Invexans with Inversiones Río Argenta, which owned almost all of Enex's shares, was approved. This operation allowed Invexans to strengthen its investment portfolio and facilitate Enex's global expansion. For further information on Enex please refer to the Energy segment.

Invexans, controlled by Quiñenco with 99.8% of the company as of December 31, 2021, adopted this name in March 2013, after Madeco divided its industrial businesses (flexible packaging, brass mills, and profiles) from its investment in Nexans, with the aim to better focus management’s efforts. Its investment in the French multinational dates back to 2008. Since then, and given the firm conviction in the business developed by Nexans, Invexans has concentrated on consolidating its participation and contributing to the development and growth of the company.

Invexans is represented on Nexans’ Board by three members, and also has a member on the Compensations, Designations and Corporate Governance Committee, the Strategy and Sustainable Development Committee, and on the Accounting, Auditing and Risk Committee.

Invexans has thus consolidated a significant influence on one of the leading actors in the cable industry worldwide, that manufactures high value added products, dedicates significant resources to research and development, and counts with relevant global exposure. Nexans employs over 25,100 people and its consolidated sales were €6,054 million in 2021.

Invexans’ shares are traded on the Chilean stock market. Nexans’ shares are traded on Euronext Paris.


in thousands of US dollars as of December 31 of each year
Corporate segment* Consolidated
2020 2021 2020 2021
Sales 69 74 1,832,994 3,804,270
Operating income (loss) (2,799) 3,539 10,144 129,233
Non-operating results 21,126 49,921 1,631 27,941
Net income (loss) attributable to owners of the controller 18,565 53,364 15,512 134,984
Total assets 510,269 549,589 2,351,804 2,265,812
Total liabilities 30,833 28,512 1,065,670 966,316
Shareholders' equity attributable to owners of the controller - 1,286,131 1,299,493
* Corporate mainly includes Invexans corporate level and its investment in Nexans.

Ownership Structure

as of December 31, 2021