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Quiñenco CEO, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, on the Company’s results for 1Q21: “This is the product of more than 10 years of work and investments in CSAV to make it the successful international company it is today”

More than 75% of Quiñenco’s first quarter earnings are explained by the performance of its most global company, the German shipping line Hapag-Lloyd, the main asset of Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV).   Santiago, May 28, 2021. After reporting Quiñenco’s first quarter results, CEO Francisco Pérez Mackenna explained that the rise in net income […]

28 May, 2021
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CEO Francisco Pérez Mackenna at Quiñenco’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting: “Our diversification strategy enabled us to be resilient and flexible during a complex year”

“Our companies offer goods and services that are an essential part of life in the societies and economies where we operate,” commented the CEO, who underscored that protecting the health of people and keeping the supply chain running “are the greatest achievements of 2020.”   Santiago, April 29, 2021.- Appreciation, resilience and flexibility. With those […]

29 April, 2021
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With respect to the same period in 2019: Quiñenco’s Net Income Down 9.8% for 9M20

For the first nine months of 2020, Quiñenco reported net income of Ch$123,885 million, mainly reflecting the impact of the worldwide public health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Despite this difficult context, the company’s more global assets performed strongly, particularly Hapag-Lloyd. The CEO of Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, explained, “Although economies have been opening […]

27 November, 2020
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Young Graduate from Chile’s Instituto Nacional Begins Studies in France with the Quiñenco Scholarship

The scholarship, which is part of the program from the Luksic Scholars Foundation, covers full tuition and living costs during the five-year academic program.   Santiago, September 23, 2020.- Andreas Guillén Meza, a 19-year-old Chilean man and 2019 graduate of Chile’s Instituto Nacional, is already in France to begin studying social sciences at the university […]

23 September, 2020
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At Extraordinary Meeting, Invexans’ Shareholders Approved Corporate Reorganization to Move Forward with Internationalization Plan

At the meeting, shareholders gave the go-ahead for the corporate reorganization to strengthen the global growth of the group’s investments. This decision was made following the merger of Quiñenco subsidiary Invexans with Inversiones Río Argenta, controller of Enex, in April.   Santiago, September 16, 2020.- This morning Invexans S.A., a subsidiary of Quiñenco S.A., held […]

16 September, 2020
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International Companies Drive Quiñenco’s Results to Levels Similar to First Half of 2019

The company reported net income of Ch$76,492 million, comparable to the same period last year, explained mainly by positive performances from Hapag-Lloyd, Nexans and SM SAAM’s towage business, offsetting weaker results from Chilean operations. Francisco Pérez Mackenna, CEO of Quiñenco, affirmed that while group companies “have not gone unscathed by the pandemic, the company’s international […]

11 September, 2020
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Invexans Calls Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting to Move Forward with Internationalization Plan

The Quiñenco subsidiary, which merged in April of this year with Inversiones Río Argenta, controller of Enex, is driving a corporate reorganization process to strengthen the global growth of the group’s investments. This is an important step in its internationalization strategy, marked in recent years by milestones such as forming a subsidiary of Invexans in […]

31 August, 2020
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Online participation in annual general shareholders’ meetings of listed subsidiaries

The boards of the companies Empresa El Peñón S.A., Hoteles Carrera S.A., Industria Nacional de Alimentos S.A., Inversiones Ranquil S.A. and Inversiones O’Higgins Punta Arenas S.A., all subsidiaries of Quiñenco S.A., have agreed to use technology to facilitate online participation in the annual general shareholders’ meetings of the aforementioned companies. The e-mail [email protected] has been […]

25 March, 2020

“We intend that our diversification and international expansion will allow us to achieve a 50% presence abroad in the long run”

  At the Shareholders’ Meeting Pérez Mackenna highlighted the results of Quiñenco and its subsidiaries in 2017, and stated that the purpose of internationalizing and diversifying investments is a “fundamental pillar of our development strategy”.    Santiago, April 27, 2018. Francisco Pérez Mackenna, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, reviewed the main milestones of Quiñenco and its […]

27 April, 2018
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Quiñenco’s Profit amounted to Ch$108,740 million in 2017, a year characterized by growth in international business

Significant progress in the investment in Hapag-Lloyd was achieved during this period, with the company showing positive results, while the French company Nexans doubled its profits. CCU and SM SAAM’s international businesses were also noteworthy and, at a local level, Banco de Chile’s performance. Although the profits in this period show a 39% decrease as […]

29 March, 2018
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Quiñenco Subsidiary will establish an Office in London for the development of International Businesses

  As material information, Invexans announced the incorporation of a new company in the British capital, particularly devoted to the analysis, performance and follow-up of international investments. Invexans also announced its financial statements as of December 31, 2017, with a net profit of US$36 million, significantly exceeding the figure of the previous year.   Santiago, […]

19 March, 2018
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Gerente General de Quiñenco: “La OPA por Tech Pack pretende ofrecer alternativas a los accionistas minoritarios”

Francisco Pérez Mackenna explicó que con la Oferta Pública de Adquisición de Acciones “los accionistas minoritarios de Tech Pack pueden ahora hacer efectiva la rentabilidad obtenida tras la venta de Alusa en abril pasado, o bien seguir acompañándonos en las inversiones que hagamos en el futuro”. Respecto del precio por acción, agregó que se trata […]

28 September, 2016
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  En el marco de la Junta de Accionistas de la compañía, Andrónico Luksic, aseguró que “todos los chilenos debemos y merecemos respeto”, dijo que los insultos sólo provocan destrucción y se alejan del espíritu constructivo que requiere hoy el país. El gerente general de Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, destacó que los positivos resultados alcanzados […]

29 April, 2016
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Presidente de Quiñenco: “Con optimismo y responsabilidad, debemos aportar con visiones más constructivas para el progreso del país”.

  Andrónico Luksic encabezó por primera vez la Junta de Accionistas desde que asumió la presidencia del holding en 2013, destacando que “mantendremos los esfuerzos para que nuestras compañías y nuestras propias actitudes sigan fieles a nuestros valores y principios, y no den pie a ninguna otra clase de interpretación”. Sobre los plantes de la […]

29 April, 2015

Quiñenco reports significant information to the Chilean Superintendency of Securities and Insurance

January 11, 2007 – Santiago, Chile. Quiñenco S.A. (LQ:NYSE) reported today the following significant information to the Chilean Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS): With respect to the conversations held between Quiñenco and Citigroup, which sought to establish a strategic association of their respective financial businesses and were earlier reported on December 22, 2006 to […]

11 January, 2007

Quiñenco reports significant information to the Chilean Superintendency of Securities and Insurance

December 22, 2006 – Santiago, Chile. Quiñenco S.A. (LQ:NYSE) reported today the following significant information to the Chilean Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS) : In accordance with its investment policy of continuously seeking new business opportunities, Quiñenco has held conversations with Citigroup aimed at identifying projects in the financial services field which may be […]

22 December, 2006