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Logo Grupo Quiñenco S.A.

Who we are

We are the result of the entrepreneurial spirit, vision and courage of Andrónico Luksic Abaroa. Also, of the hard work and creativity of thousands of people who, in a joint effort with us, have developed companies and contributed to the progress of our country and of those in which we are present.

We have grown together with Chile, following our passion to innovate and explore opportunities. We have diversified along with the best teams and world class partners, always seeking to do the best we can, improving constantly.

We are a business conglomerate open to the world to discover, create and add value to companies and their employees, with a long term view, working in a responsible and serious way.

We wish to contribute to the growth and development of people and the community. We want to be relevant actors in the global market, always proud of our origin and committed to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us.

What drives us

Frase de Andrónico Luksic Abaroa
“Create new paths, discover and study territories that will be the source of progress for future generations”.
Andrónico Luksic Abaroa

What we do

Contribute to progress. Develop enterprises. Create value.

We contribute to the progress of Chile and each of the countries in which we are present, working with a long term view, for the benefit of society, our collaborators and shareholders, generating employment, respecting the community and the environment.

We develop enterprises innovating and managing assets of leading companies in the financial, beverage, manufacture, transport, port, shipping, fuel distribution and retail sectors.

We create value with hard work and responsibility, facing our challenges directly or through strategic alliances with the best international partners.

What we dream

We want to be the best ambassadors of Chilean entrepreneurship in a global market that is increasingly becoming more demanding and interconnected.

We want to be a business conglomerate capable of adapting to these new times, with the strength to create, innovate and seek challenges.

We want our work philosophy and the respect, learning and mutual benefit relationship that we establish with our employees and society to be a point of reference.

What we believe

We believe in doing things well, working with excellence, being responsible, showing integrity and awareness of our acts and decisions; respectful of other people, the environment, and the community.